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William Wright is an artist known for his distinctive blend of Country, Soul, and Alternative Rock music. Born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana, William developed a passion for music at a young age. His mother's participation in a Gospel choir and his father's taste in Rock and Country music created a diverse musical backdrop for his upbringing, sparking an early curiosity. During William's beginning stages of making music, mentors Krista Fanning, Kyle Martin, and Landon Lloyd Miller encouraged his participation in the creative process. 

A skilled multi-instrumentalist, William has collaborated with a wide array of musicians, exploring genres ranging from Rock and Roll to Honky Tonk, Hip-Hop, Traditional Jazz, and Space Western. This diverse musical background has significantly shaped his unique live sound and captivating stage presence. As a teen, William began playing in bands in the music scene of his hometown. Early projects included forming the Funk, R&B, and Soul sound of The Easy Goers alongside friends Nate Epp and Isabelle Lewis, and providing lead guitar for a Rock group, Highland Bandhouse. His time with The Wall Chargers introduced him to the modern American roots circuit, pointing his songwriting in the direction it lies today.


Currently, William can be found creating and performing music across the landscapes of Louisiana and Texas. As he continues to shape his musical narrative, the intersections of various styles converge into unique sonic territory. From the sounds of Shreveport to the territory of his performances inside the Ark-La-Tex, William's diverse influences and creativity forge a sound that resonates far beyond genres. 

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